Job Posting – This one has just been filled

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Director of HR & Operations

Indeed Hire in partnership with our client – Rockville, MD

The Director of Human Resources & Operations manages and oversees the operations, technology, and human resources. The Director of Human Resources & Operations is a key member of the senior leadership team and is responsible for the strategic direction of human resources and operations. This position has a thorough understanding of all requirements regarding human resources, operations and IT.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Human Resources (HR)

  • Supervise HR and Operations staff
  • Assist with screening resumes and distributing resumes to hiring managers for review
  • Ensure personnel files comply with all Federal, State, and Local laws
  • Counsel and advise staff on a wide variety of sensitive personnel issues (e.g.discipline, hiring, promotions, return to work, etc.) for the purpose of assisting ineffective decision making and enforcing all relevant policies, procedures andregulations
  • Oversee processing of all claims and paperwork related to workers compensation,disability, FMLA, and other legal requirements
  • Manage employee benefits including open enrollment and staff compensation
  • Responsible for retirement plan compliance and act as the plan administrator
  • Oversee the dissemination, tracking, and compiling of annual staff evaluations
  • Investigates grievances and/or complaints related to employees
  • Research and recommend employee benefits and safety, welfare and health andwellness programs to recruit and retain staff
  • Maintain and update the employee handbook and communicate changes to all staff
  • Prepare and update job descriptions
  • Administer and develop staff training and development programs
  • Responsible for staff communications and morale
  • Assist Executive management with talent management and recruiting strategies
  • Work directly with consultants and outside counsel regarding employment-relatedIssues


  • Manage office and phone equipment and systems
  • Assist staff with IT related issues and dispatch external IT vendor when appropriate
  • Oversee network administration and evaluate IT systems
  • Responsible for purchasing and vendor management
  • Coordinate with facilities administrator and outside vendors and contractors with facilities related issues
  • Other duties as assigned

Job Type: Full-time

8 thoughts on “Job Posting – This one has just been filled”

  1. Where do we apply and when does the advertisement close? I ask because I’m in the process of getting help with revising my resume and preparing a cover letter.

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      1. I want to do something that requires growth, is fun and engaging, fulfilling, etc. I have a job in mind that I’m going to apply for. Job searching has been less than previously.

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      2. I have a diverse background with experience in a faucet of human resources, athletics, clerical, stockroom, etc. I would like to move somewhere out of florida. But I have absolutely no money. So it would have to be in the capital city of Florida for now. And I don’t want a job where I’m working myself to death for pennies doing mundane tasks. The stress, dissatisfaction, and fatigue is too much.

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